Good advice won’t cost you the earth at iCasa.ch

Frequently asked questions and answers about iCasa.ch

What is iCasa.ch?
iCasa.ch is a free real estate portal for professional real estate agents. iCasa.ch aims to make advertising and searching for properties as simple as possible. That’s why we focus on great design and usability.
Who is behind iCasa.ch?
iCasa.ch is run by the company Casasoft AG. You can find out more about us in the Legal notice.
Why doesn’t it cost anything to advertise a property on iCasa.ch?
iCasa.ch wants everyone to be able to access the real estate market without having to pay expensive fees. That’s why the basic ads are free.

Advertising on iCasa.ch

Who can advertise on iCasa.ch?
With iCasa.ch, real estate professionals can publish listings free of charge via our real estate software CASAONE or their own real estate software.
How much does it cost to advertise on iCasa.ch?
A basic ad on iCasa.ch is completely free of charge. There are no fees or commissions. The prices for additional options are available under Prices.
I am a professional real estate agent and would like to advertise on iCasa.ch. What do I need to do?
Under List for free you will find more information.
Are my ads automatically exported to other portals?
Your ads will be indexed by web crawlers and can appear on other free real estate portals, such as Comparis.

Finding properties on iCasa.ch

How can I save ads that I am interested in?
Click on the heart icon and the ad will be saved in the wish list at the top right. You can directly compare your saved ads and send them via email.
How can I contact the advertisers?
Every ad features a contact form that can be used to send your contact details directly to the person advertising the property. Often the advertiser’s telephone number is also shown.
Do I need an account if I want to contact an advertiser?
No, you can contact any advertiser without having an account with iCasa.ch. Simply fill out the contact form on the ad or call the telephone number provided.

Customer service from iCasa.ch

I have a question about iCasa.ch. Who should I contact?
Simply send an email to [email protected] or use the contact form on our website.
How quickly will my questions be answered?
We usually respond on the same day, except on public holidays and weekends.

iCasa.ch General Terms and Conditions

What rules do I need to take into consideration when creating my ad?
Ads on iCasa.ch are subject to our General Terms and Conditions, as well as our advertising guidelines.
What data does iCasa.ch store?
You can find an explanation of our data protection policy in our General Terms and Conditions. Data protection is very important to us and we handle our users’ data with great care.
Does iCasa.ch use cookies?
Cookies are used to improve the user experience on iCasa.ch. However, the cookies do not contain any personalised user data. Cookies are also used to show advertising content to visitors on iCasa.ch.

Technical questions about iCasa.ch

What real estate interfaces are supported by iCasa.ch?
Data can be supplied in any of the standard real estate formats (SwissRETS, OpenImmo, IDX, etc.) or in your own format (CSV, Excel, TXT, etc.).
What browsers are supported by iCasa.ch?
  • Internet Explorer, version 10 and later
  • Firefox (current version)
  • Google Chrome (current version)
  • Safari, version 9 and later
Which software suppliers are supported by iCasa.ch?
In general, iCasa.ch supports all software producers in the real estate industry that work with official real estate standard formats. Under ‘Advertise’ in the main menu, professional real estate agents can register for a free interface.
How long does it take for an ad to be transferred from my software to iCasa.ch?
As a rule, data is immediately transferred to iCasa.ch. However, iCasa.ch has no control over third party suppliers and cannot guarantee that data will be transferred immediately.
Can iCasa.ch be used to provide virtual tours?
Yes, iCasa.ch supports 360° virtual tours. We recommend using CASATOUR.