About iCasa.ch

Sometimes less really is more

Does Switzerland really need another real estate portal? We think so. Let’s be honest, most real estate portals bombard visitors with flashing advertising banners, useless information, brightly coloured buttons and a gazillion real estate ads. Enough is enough. With its minimalist design, intelligent filters and innovative features, iCasa.ch works for house-hunters – not against them. We don’t want to distract users, but rather help them to focus on what’s most important: finding properties and advertising properties. As quickly and easily as possible, and of course, entirely for free.

Six reasons for choosing iCasa.ch

Always free

No basic fees, no weekly rates, no hidden costs, no commissions. On iCasa.ch, professional real estate agents can advertise without having to open their wallet. Anyone who wishes to extend their publication network, or make their property ad more visible, can book our premium options.

All ads also automatically appear on Comparis

The price comparison website Comparis features Switzerland’s largest online search engine for real estate. All the ads on iCasa.ch can also be found on Comparis and people searching for properties on Comparis are automatically redirected to the iCasa.ch ads. All of which automatically increases the number of people who will see your ad.

Google loves us

Ads on iCasa.ch are also very successful on Google. We built iCasa.ch in such a way that Google views our ads as relevant and – if a corresponding search enquiry is made – gives them a high ranking in the search results.

Super secure data protection and no spam. Guaranteed.

We will never sell personalised user data and do not send spam emails. Everything we do with data is regulated by our General Terms and Conditions. We take your privacy seriously and follow strict security guidelines in relation to the storage and disclosure of information.

Questions? We’re always happy to help.

If you are unsure of anything, simply get in touch with our support team. Write to [email protected] or use the contact form on our website. We will usually respond on the same day, except on public holidays and weekends.